Born as Internal displaced person and today is a refugee in Rwanda. His father and three brothers were killed. He is hopeful to study conflict resolution and reconciliation at PIASS. He needs support of living expenses for 3 years while studying at PIASS.



How your donations will be used? / ご寄付の使われ方:

For the proper management, the raised money will directly be submitted to the university (PIASS), particularly, the Department of Peace and Conflicts studies. PIASS will be responsible for providing Claude with 50,000 RWF per month until the end of his study period at PIASS.

Whenever the contribution could go beyond the targeted amount, PIASS administration will keep the additional amount for another refugee student who will get a scholarship in the years to come.




Opening and closing of fundraising: February 1st to 28, 2021.


Possibly we can extend the time of fundraising in order for the project to reach targeted amount. 目標額達成のために期間延長の可能性もございます。

If the raised donations do not reach the target, we will still use it to support Claude and the money will not be refunded. 最終的に目標額達成に至らなかった場合も、それまでに頂いたご寄付はClaudeの支援に使用させて頂きます。返金は致しかねますのでご理解の程よろしくお願い致します。

Touched and inspired to support Claude/ご寄付いただけます場合:

(*) If you are willing to donate, please first contact us via email or Facebook messenger including "Your name, your occupation, your contact, How much contribution you will make (1,000 yen, 3,000 yen, 5,000yen,10,000yen,others)". (English and Japanese are both available.)


(*) If you are in Japan, we receive donations through bank transfers. We ask donors to pay for transfer fee.


(*)If you are outside Japan, the money should be given or sent directly to Dr. Kazuyuki Sasaki, the head of Peace and Conflict Studies Department at PIASS.


(*) Recognizing transfer alternatives, you can prefer to send via western union, Mobile money. Please call/ consult us in advance for an appropriate transfer way.

その他、Western union、モバイルマネー等でも寄付を承ります。ご連絡ください。

(*) For further information and clarification, reach us Mutsumi, Yuki, and Henri through

FB messenger, or this email:


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